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Margie van Lierop owner and operator of VIKING AutoCare Corp knows that the complexity of today’s vehicles can be a challenge for the independent shop owner. It is a must to have factory scan tools, proper equipment to repair each model plus highly trained technicians. VIKING AutoCare Corp has all of this and more.

VIKING AutoCare Corp is Orange County’s premier automotive repair, care and service facility specializing in all foreign cars. With over 30 years of experience, we continue to provide our customers with superior, specialized and affordable service. Our pristine showroom facility is ready to serve all of your automotive needs. Shuttle Service & rental cars are just a few examples of how we deliver an enjoyable experience for all of our customers.


New cars may seem infallible; indeed, this is the manufacturer’s goal. But they will age, like everything else, and ultimately have problems. The severity depends on upkeep, watchfulness, and original design.



The term “maintenance” is often confused with “oil change.” They are not the same thing. Maintaining a car is keeping it new: as reliable as the day it was purchased, and protected under warranty.


The Essentials

Our primary maintenance service, appropriately called “The Essentials,” covers the factory recommended “minor” service for all cars on the road.


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